Donor Appreciation Week

Recognizing Our Incredible Supporters

The Jewish Federation recognizes and celebrates the many caring and generous donors who make our mission possible. To help highlight their contributions, we are sharing the inspiring stories of several supporters. We hope that you see your own story reflected in their values and passions! Thank you for everything you do.

Duber Family

Nancy Duber

[By giving to Federation] you can touch more Jewish lives across the world than any other organization.

Photo of Sara E

Sara Evangelista

For young adults to feel fulfilled and supported as they navigate life here, they need a place where they feel a sense of belonging. Helping young adults find that space within the Jewish community is so important and sets them up to achieve incredible things.

Photo of Carol G

Carol Gordon

I believe in the phrase ’from strength to strength [from the Hebrew phrase, Chazak, Chazak, V’nitchazek]. That is what I wish for our Jewish community. That it takes what it has learned and developed and continues to grow becoming stronger and more vibrant.


Steve Johnston

Since my Jewish faith is a foundation for why I give and the Jewish community is so important to me, I look to The Jewish Federation to guide me to where the need is greatest and how I can make the biggest impact locally, nationally, and globally with each donation.

Photo of Allan M

Allan Mendelowitz

[I hope that our Jewish community will] be a vehicle for the preservation and continuity of the values and ethics that have been the core of Jewish civilization.