Israel Crisis Relief

What we are witnessing in Israel is unlike anything previously seen. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has always mobilized our community during times of crisis, and we are working around the clock to ensure Israel has our support. Federation has staff members on the ground in Israel 365 days a year, empowering us to respond immediately through the deep partnerships and relationships that we have built over decades.

Your gift enables Federation to support immediate and long-term recovery efforts.

Your donation will ensure Israel continues to receive the help they need today and as the crisis continues. 100% of your gift to Federation’s Israel Crisis Relief Fund will be swiftly deployed where it’s needed most.

Israel Crisis Relief Fund

Other Ways to Give

Through your Jewish Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund to The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington (EIN: 53-0212445). Note “Israel Crisis Fund” in comments.

By check to The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, 6101 Executive Blvd, Suite 100, North Bethesda, Maryland 20852. Note “Israel Crisis Fund” on check.

Start a peer-to-peer fundraiser. Share your fundraiser by email, text, and social media to encourage your networks to support the relief efforts.

Take Immediate Action

Demand the Immediate Release of the Hostages
Call your elected officials – now and constantly – to remind them that the return of all 240 hostages continues to remain a top U.S. and global priority. Take one minute today and every day to join the Hostages and Missing Families Forum in making direct, urgent, and repeated appeals to elected representatives.

Urge Your Congressional Representatives to Maintain Their Support for Israel
As Israel’s war against Hamas continues, the US is experiencing a dramatic 316% spike in antisemitism. The elected officials supporting the Jewish community and Israel in this moment need to hear from us. Join our JCRC partners to contact them today. Thank them for their support and urge them to continue defending Israel’s right to protect itself, to call for the release of the hostages, and to stand against rising antisemitism.

Combat Antisemitism on Campus
Do you donate to your alma mater? Have children or grandchildren on college campuses? Sit on a local PTA or support a private school? Reach out to the school administration today to demand campus-wide action plans to combat antisemitism and advocate for education on antisemitism, and contact your campus Hillel to offer your support for their essential work. Visit Hillel’s resource pages for students and parents.

For more on how to combat antisemitism – on campus and everywhere – explore resources and tools for addressing antisemitism, intolerance, & bias.

Call on our Allies
Ask your non-Jewish friends, networks, and local clergy to stand with us. It was heartening to see so many non-Jewish attendees at the March for Israel. Urge them to continue to show up and speak out against antisemitism on social media, amongst their own networks, and wherever they see hatred.

$3 Million in Support

Our Jewish community is providing essential aid to those in Israel and continues to send a powerful message of solidarity to Israel and Israelis in their time of need. Your generosity and our staff on the ground in Israel year-round with deep partnerships built over decades are empowering Federation’s immediate response. Together, we are addressing Israel’s urgent and evolving needs. Our emergency grants to date total $3 million.

Caring for Victims of Terror and their Families | $500,000
Fund for Victims of Terror, a program of The Jewish Agency for Israel
Supporting families whose loved ones have been injured or killed, as well as those whose homes and property were damaged or destroyed, by providing immediate financial aid, counseling, housing, and more. A Jewish Agency representative personally visits victims provide emergency aid within 48 hours as a statement that the Jewish people around the world are with them.

Direct Support for Kibbutz Re’im | $250,000
Assisting with recovery and rebuilding of Kibbutz Re’im, which was overrun by Hamas on October 7th. The community suffered five casualties and multiple members taken hostage, in addition to hundreds murdered, wounded, or taken hostage from the music festival on kibbutz grounds. The funds will be used to provide basic necessities while the kibbutz members are out of their homes as well as purchase and install closed-circuit cameras and early warning systems for the kibbutz perimeter to protect community members when they return.

Emergency and Medical Care | $1,025,000
United Hatzalah, Magen David Adom, Barzilai Medical Center, Soroka Medical Center (Be’er Sheva), Assuta Ashdod Hospital/Medical Center & Sheba Medical Center
Providing access to life-saving supplies and essential trauma counseling to help treat severely wounded soldiers and civilians, including to reach the 2,200 survivors of the Nova Music Festival, and purchasing oxygen tanks, defibrillators, trauma bandages, tourniquets, and more.

Emergency Volunteers Project
Deploying American disaster relief and rescue volunteer teams to Israel. Our funding will assist in recruiting and training American firefighters, medical professionals, and others to be deployed to assist Israeli teams and provide relief for the Israeli teams exhausted after weeks of providing life-saving assistance.

Humanitarian Support for Soldiers | $186,000
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)
Providing critical medical and humanitarian support for IDF soldiers, including the 360,000 reservists called up for duty on multiple borders. This funding will help purchase medical equipment and supplies, including a portable x-ray machine, plasma kits, a critical response monitoring system, and a cardiology critical care kit.

Orr Shalom
Purchasing and delivering essential supplies to meet the needs of young adult civilians and soldiers operating in northern Israel and along the Gaza border, furthering the expanded mission of Orr Shalom, the leading Israeli non-profit foster care organization for at-risk youth.

Mobilizing Support for Evacuees & Displaced Families | $550,000
Brothers and Sisters for Israel
Mobilizing volunteers and critical resources for those in need in partnership with the largest Israeli civil aid organization. Our funding will help provide essential support including accommodations for displaced families, food, water, clothing, medical equipment, assistance in locating missing individuals, and more.

Dror Israel
Funding evacuation efforts for displaced families and those seeking respite from violence. We are expanding and supporting essential therapeutic and educational programs for children and families in Rehovot and Ashkelon, with more locations opening as soon as deemed safe. Funding also covers daycare costs for children of hospital workers and other essential staff so they can treat the injured while schools across Israel remain closed. 

Hostages and Missing Families Forum
The Forum is a volunteer-based organization focused on bringing Israeli hostages home. They are leading awareness campaigns in multiple languages around the world and providing professional assistance to advance the ongoing legal and diplomatic efforts to return the hostages. Our support will provide resources to continue this crucial work.

Trauma Response | $500,000
Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC)
Providing immediate trauma response across Israel, including in Ramle, where ITC has opened a center to identify victims. Our funds will provide treatment at ITC’s 12 resilience centers in Sderot and surrounding communities — centers Federation has funded for years — and to train and support first responders, teachers, and community leaders managing this crisis.

Thank you to the Israel Crisis Relief Allocations Committee for their dedication to helping those in need during this crisis.
Co-Chairs: Johanna Chanin, Michael Friedman
Committee Members: William Kreisberg, Daniel Raskas, David Selden, Kevin Fishkind, Jillian Copeland, Liza Levy, Shary Levitt, Sophie Buslik, Zach Friedlis, Toby Frank


Contact the Israeli Consulate in New York at 917-756-8387 or 212-499-5321 for information about loved ones currently in Israel.

703-J-CARING: The Jewish Community Support Line
For those in need of mental or emotional support, Federation, JSSA, and our network of human service organizations are here for you. Call (703) J-CARING (703-522-7464) to connect with a professional ready to assist you. Serving residents of DC, MD, and Northern VA, support is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. All calls are confidential.

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