Ukraine Emergency Updates

Ukraine Emergency Updates

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Federation is closely attuned to the news and updates from the region. Federation and our partners remain deeply committed to meeting the critical needs of Ukraine’s more than 200,000 Jews. To support these efforts, please donate to Federation’s Ukraine Emergency Fund.

Ukrainian Jews in Need

Jewish Federations of North America recently unveiled a major analysis of the emergency needs of the dozens of relief organizations they are supporting in Ukraine, projecting a total of $99 million in needs through the end of December 2022.

The needs are broken down into humanitarian relief in Ukraine, rescue and aliyah (immigration to Israel) operations, aid for refugees in neighboring countries, resettlement and integration of refugees in the United State and other countries, and strengthening the regional Jewish community. Together with our core partners –  The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and World ORT, and Jewish Federations of North America – The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is supporting dozens of organizations providing critical rescue and relief to Ukrainian refugees of all backgrounds.

$73.5 million of the total needs of this next phase has already been raised – more than $2.5 million by our community – leaving a deficit of $25.5 million in needs through the end of the year. $9 million in needs for Ethiopian aliyah and humanitarian support have also been identified by our partners.

The breakdown of the needs for Ukraine aid are as follows:

Total Needs Amount
Urgent Relief in Ukraine $44,094,566
Urgent Relief in Other FSU Countries $11,818,629
Ukraine Rescue and Aliyah $24,417,016
Resettlement and Integration of Refugees $16,989,346
Strengthening the Regional Jewish Community (FSU) $2,643,333

Our Impact

To date, Federation’s Ukraine Emergency Fund and Federations across North America have raised a collective $73 million to meet urgent needs, and we are immensely grateful to the thousands you who have given so generously. The Jewish Federations of North America are leveraging funds raised to create matching grants to local Jewish Federations to build capacity within social service organizations to support displaced Ukrainians in their communities. Together, we are making a difference.

Since February 24, the day the fighting began, your contributions have:

  • 12,633 olim (new immigrants) have arrived in Israel from Ukraine. An additional 10% more refugees came through The Jewish Agency’s centers in Eastern Europe, receiving all the same services but decided to stay in Europe and not immigrate to Israel.
  • Since February, 21,772 new immigrants have arrived from Russia and Belarus. In total, we’ve helped welcome more than 34,000 people to Israel in six months.
  • Since launching the emergency hotline with The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews at the outset of the war, 128,799 calls have been received, giving Ukrainian Jews guidance and information regarding the Aliyah (immigration to Israel) process, as well as general assistance for members of the Jewish community in Ukraine.
  • To get Ukrainians out of harm’s way, 455 buses have been organized, which rescued 13,742 people from dangerous zones, taking them to the Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, and Moldovan borders.
  • The Jewish Agency engaged over 450 volunteers who gave their time and skills – as well as their blood, sweat, and tears – to help refugees in our six transit centers in countries bordering Ukraine.
  • All refugee hotels had an on-site doctor and nurse every morning to offer medical care as needed. ~3,000 hours of medical & mental health care were provided for all who needed it – including refugees as well as Jewish Agency staff and volunteers.
  • Three meals a day have been provided to all refugees staying in hotels in Eastern Europe, for a total of 290,000 meals.
  • Together with the local municipalities in Israel, The Jewish Agency ran a campaign called Torenu (Our Turn) through which clothing and toiletries were collected for the Ukrainian refugees. In total, 23,000 boxes – equivalent to 354 tons – of supplies were distributed to refugees in need being housed at our centers.
  • $514,800 Emergency Grants were distributed to 95 organizations in Ukraine through The Jewish Agency Emergency Security Fund.
  • Throughout the summer, in Israel and across Europe, 3,121 Ukrainian children and teenagers have been served by our summer camps.

As of October 2022

Federation in the News

From March 13th to Match 15th, Federation CEO, Gil Preuss, represented the Greater Washington Jewish Community in Poland and at the Ukraine broader during one of the first Jewish Federations of North America humanitarian missions to the region. Equipped with two suitcases of donated supplies for those in need. Gil met with volunteers working on the ground, and with Ukrainian refugees — the majority of whom are women, children, and the elderly — to hear their experiences and offer help.

While on the ground, Gil provided updates to news outlets about what he was seeing and how our community could help.

Gil Represents Greater Washington in Poland and on Ukraine’s Border: Early Monday morning on March 14th, Gil arrived in Poland for one of the first Jewish Federations of North America humanitarian missions to Ukraine equipped with two suitcases of donated supplies for those in need. Gil met with volunteers working on the ground, and with Ukrainian refugees — the majority of whom are women, children, and the elderly — to hear their experiences and offer help. Read Gil’s updates on Twitter and watch his video message.

Updates From Our Partners

We are grateful to our longtime global partners – JDC, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and World ORT – for their swift work on the ground to care for those in the midst of this unfolding trauma. Please read on for their ongoing updates on the situation.

As Jews flee the growing violence in Ukraine, JDC is providing thousands of refugees safe harbor in neighboring countries, with thousands more expected as the war continues.
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Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, welcomed Jewish orphans who escaped the war in Ukraine.
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Long bus rides, temporary shelters and lots of phone calls: Inside the Jewish response to the mounting refugee crisis in Poland.
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Holocaust survivors are particularly vulnerable during times of war, and JDC is providing vital support to those with nowhere else to turn.
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The Jewish Federations of North America

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