Young Leadership Spotlight: Emily B.

Young Leadership Spotlight: Emily B.

Emily will be honored at Federation’s 2016 Annual Meeting as the Jerome J. Dick Leadership Award winner for her exceptional commitment, leadership and dedication to Federation’s Young Leadership. Come out on June 1st to cheer her on at Annual Meeting!

How did you first get involved with Federation’s Young Leadership?

​I first got involved with Federation’s Young Leadership when I found out about the chance they provided to travel to Israel with other young leaders in the community. It was summer 2011, and having moved to DC two years earlier, I was looking for a connection to the Jewish community in my new city. I sure found it!

​I participated on the Federation’s NEXT DC Alumni Leadership Mission and saw first-hand the impact Federation has on our community, Israel and beyond. When we came back to DC I was so excited to continue my involvement and became engaged with Young Leadership programming however I could. I guess it’s been a non-stop ride ever since! I have had so many fantastic opportunities because of Young Leadership, not to mention created great and lasting friendships at the same time.

What is your favorite memory from a Young Leadership program and why?

​Gosh, this is hard. From Impact DC (AKA: best night ever), to trips to Israel with other community members and building such strong relationships with them, its hard to pick just one! But something that has always stood out the most to me is from a multi-generational luncheon with Holocaust survivors in our ​community. The group, Mitzvah Mavens (which I helped found as part of my Impact Project from the NEXT DC Alumni Leadership Mission to Israel) brings together women of all ages in our community to connect and help serve the community through service projects. One particularly moving program is the Holocaust Survivors Luncheon. Last year we had a group of over 50 women and about 10-12 survivors. The gentleman who joined our table was 102 years young and we had such a meaningful conversation about our lives and our families and community. Thinking back on it, it was so special to be part of a program that connects to many different generations to celebrate our Jewish identities and build relationships. You can sign up for this year’s luncheon here.

Why are you passionate about supporting Federation?

​It’s in my bones! ​I grew up in a family that knows and practices the gift of giving, especially to the Jewish community. I’ve been doing community service since I was about 3 years old, when my family hosted a carnival in our back yard to support a local homeless shelter back at home in Louisville, KY. I was taught from a very young age the power of giving to those in need and that has stuck with me throughout high school and college and there was no question I would bring this into my adult life. Beyond the power of the good deed is the strong Jewish identity I have and continue to grow here in Washington. I really think its not why am I passionate, but how could I not be passionate about supporting Federation?!


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

​This summer is crazy. Its wedding season! I’m looking forward to celebrating many good friends as they start a new chapter of their lives – and tearing it up on the dance floor!​

Who is your favorite Jewish role model and why?

​Because she will probably read this…. my mom. She’s the “Mitzvah Queen” of Louisville, KY. Everyone knows that if they have extra clothes to give away, or students need a community service project for their Bar Mitzvah, or their organization has a certain need, they’ll call my mom. She helps everyone in need and more importantly is able to connect a need with a provider. And that is something I have always admired and try to model myself after.

What is your favorite Jewish food?

I actually love gefilte fish. Canned? Fresh that your bubbe makes? Love it all.