The NEXT DC Alumni Leadership Mission

Return to Israel for a once-in-a-lifetime, transformative leadership experience for only $950.

This highly subsidized, premier leadership development journey to Israel is your chance for an inside look at Israeli culture, an exploration of Federation’s overseas impact and exclusive leadership workshops. With pre-and post-trip learning sessions and a day-long retreat to connect with peers and deepen community engagement, Alumni Leadership Mission Participants are empowered to develop an impact project for DC’s Jewish community.

Eligibility: Post-college individuals living in the Greater Washington area who participated on a Birthright Israel trip and have strong leadership abilities. 

Cost: $950* (Includes all flights, lodging, many meals and activities)
*This trip is highly subsidized thanks to support of a generous donor.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Past Impact Projects:
Here are some of the Impact Projects Alumni Leadership Mission participants have developed in our community with the network, tools and experiences ALM provided them. An impact project consists of taking an idea that will enrich the Jewish community and putting it into action.

NOVA Tribe Series: Provides Jewish young adults living and working in Northern Virginia (and DC/MD) with innovative programming & leadership activities.

The Lone Soldier Project: The voice of the thousands of young men and women from all over the world who leave the comfort of their homes each year to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces as “Lone Soldiers.” The project was successfully adopted by the Israel Forever Foundation and has continued to provide support for Lone Soldiers through fundraising events and supply drives.

Mitzvah Mavens: A program that was adopted by Women’s Philanthropy of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington for women of all ages to participate in a variety of social action programs in the Greater Washington area in an effort to repair the world, one project at a time.

Falafel Frenzy: An annual Christmas Eve celebration for young professionals that raises tens of thousands of dollars for hunger action programs in the DC community.

I went into NEXT DC’s Alumni Leadership Mission feeling like an outsider and not quite sure what I wanted to get out of it. After experiencing Israel through the lens of people who live, work and lead there, I emerged with a renewed appreciation for the community we’re in here in DC and a clearer vision of how I might play a part in it.” – Jamie Poslosky, past co-chair

This experience surprised and surpassed any expectations I had. It is a terrific follow-up to Birthright and other missions because the focus is radically unique. The NEXT DC Alumni Leadership Mission allowed me to get to know Israel from an internal, domestic perspective. It offered a window into Israel’s many cultural, social, and economic successes – as well as its scabs and challenges. It’s insightful to see which local projects DC Federation funds and why, but most of all, the mission fosters serious thought and conversation at every turn.” – Daniel Conston, past participant

I traveled on the NEXT DC Alumni Leadership Mission because I wanted to experience Israel with a tight-knit cohort of my peers and grow together. Over the course of our short time in the Holy Land, I learned from and contributed to my community, bonded by heritage and complimented by diversity of thought, and then returned to DC inspired and motivated to inspire others.” – Jeffrey Finkelstein, past participant

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