Making our Voices Heard: A Message from our CEO

Making our Voices Heard: A Message from our CEO

It’s no secret that Greater Washington is home to thousands of committed, generous and passionate people – those who lead by example, who stand strong in their convictions and who care about making our society a better place for everyone to live. This Sunday, April 29, we’ll have the opportunity to live these values together at Federation’s Sara & Samuel J. Lessans Good Deeds Day.

The message behind this international day of service – that every person has within themselves the capacity to change the world – is a value both Jewish and universal. Perhaps that’s why Good Deeds Day has become an international phenomenon, and why Greater Washington has become the largest Good Deeds Day community partner in North America. I’m looking forward to participating in my first Good Deeds Day in Greater Washington, and to witnessing for myself the incredible energy and excitement that comes with making a tangible difference for those in need.

This year’s celebration of Doing Good comes at a pivotal moment for Greater Washington. As we continue our strategic planning work towards identifying the hopes, vision and aspirations of our community, we know that Jewish communal life is changing in ways both large and small. At the same time, we believe we share an enduring aspiration to build a vibrant and resilient Jewish community across Greater Washington – a community of meaning, purpose and connection. Greater Washington’s commitment to participating in Good Deeds Day shines a spotlight on one of the best aspects of our community: our devotion to repairing the world. It’s a solid reminder of all that we can accomplish by coming together.

With this in mind, I extend my personal invitation for each member of our community to join me not only for Good Deeds Day, but to participate as we work together to shape our collective future. This May, attend a Town Hall Meeting in MD, DC or NoVA, or host a Community Forum with those in your personal or professional networks. By participating in these meaningful and honest conversations, you can help articulate our communal aspirations and define the unique role that Federation should play in helping realize this shared vision.

The momentum and passion that bring us together to Do Good can also propel us forward – towards a future where every member of Greater Washington’s Jewish community feels invested and connected, engaged and welcomed. By committing to making our voices heard and choosing to invest our time and energy in what lies ahead, we can take yet another step towards bettering our shared society.

Shabbat Shalom,