Make Your Voice Heard

You can help shape the future of our Jewish community

As The Jewish Federation works to identify the hopes, vision and aspirations of Greater Washington’s Jewish community through a strategic planning process,
we want to hear from you!

Join us at a Town Hall Meeting, or host your own community forum, this May to articulate your dream for our community, and to define the unique role Federation can play in helping realize this vision. Your input will help inform Federation’s new strategy to position our vibrant and growing Jewish community for the future.


How You Describe Our Community

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Attend a Town Hall or Forum

Attend a Town Hall Meeting or Community Member Hosted Forum.

Host a Forum

Invite your friends, family and networks to participate in a dialogue around a provided set of questions. Then, share the reflections from those conversations with Federation.

Facilitator Resources

Resources that can be used before, during and after your Forum.

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Greater Washington’s Jewish Community is Booming

Our local Jewish community has grown to nearly 300,000 people, according to a new demographic study of the region’s Jews, which paints a complex picture of Jews’ involvement in religious institutions and activities. Take a deeper dive into the findings of the 2017 Greater Washington Jewish Community Demographic Study, funded by The Morningstar Foundation.