Imagine Israel Podcast Episode #3: Incorporating Israel’s invisible population


Avner Stepak, former CEO of the second largest investment house in Israel, is revolutionizing Israel’s corporate world to include the previously overlooked population of individuals with disabilities. Stepak shares his motivation to create jobs that mutually benefit businesses and individuals with disabilities.

“It’s really an issue of human rights. It’s not an issue of charity. The right to be employed is something very basic that everyone should have, whether they have a disability or not,” says Stepak of Israel’s workforce.

From the vantage point of the top floor at one of the largest investment firms in Israel, Avner Stepak (former CEO of Meitav Dash) saw his company was lacking a crucial component for success: inclusivity. Stepak recognized the value in the underemployed disabled population in Israel and he began to oversee the recruitment and hiring process for his investment house, reframing the company culture to welcome employees with disabilities.

After transforming his own investment house, Stepak set his sights on a new venture and in 2016—through a program of the Joint Distribution Committee, Israel’s Ministry of the Economy and the Ruderman Family Foundation—Stepak established Incorporate Israel. Incorporate Israel helps Israelis with disabilities join the corporate world by working closely with top staff at some of Israel’s biggest companies to fight against prevalent stigmas and raising awareness.

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