A note from Federation’s new CEO, Gil Preuss

I am thrilled to be featured in this month’s Young Leadership newsletter. As the new CEO of The Jewish Federation, I am excited to be joining this vibrant community and look forward to what we will achieve together over the coming months and years.

Greater Washington is home to one of the most diverse, passionate and thriving Jewish populations in North America. It includes many of the strongest, most innovative and important Jewish institutions and organizations in the country, with leaders from around the world calling Greater Washington their home.

What we achieve here matters.

What we can collectively accomplish has critical implications, locally, nationally and internationally. By embracing our 3,500-year-old tradition and accepting the responsibility of shaping the Jewish future, we will build the community to which we aspire.

I hope to personally connect with many more of you in the coming year, as we build a vibrant community of meaning and purpose.

Together, we will determine our direction and shape our future.