Young Leadership Spotlight: Nicole A.

Young Leadership Spotlight: Nicole A.

Tell us about your new role as Young Leadership Associate and Social Innovation Coordinator. What will you be working on?

My role is to engage young adults and help them find an outlet for meaningful involvement with Federation. I am also very excited to have the opportunity to coordinate the ConnectGens Fellowship, a program that empowers social innovators with training, tools and connections to transform their big ideas into ventures that will enhance our community. We’re currently recruiting fellows for the 2016 cohort, soif you have a unique idea and might be interested in applying – join me at the ConnectGens Fellowship Open House on Wednesday, November 11th to learn more.

I will also be coordinating Young Leadership’s NeXus program for young professionals interested in connecting to Federation and exploring how they can get involved and make a difference.


What is one piece of advice you like to live by?

To live and let live”. My mom always taught me to be accepting and welcoming to everyone around me. My parents grew up in apartheid South Africa and left the country to ensure that their children would grow up in an environment where they could instill the values and ideals of treating everyone with love and respect, regardless of individual differences.

Nicole A. and Soldier

What is one thing on your life’s bucket list?

I made a promise to my mom and Granny when I was little that the three of us would one day go on a yoga and meditation retreat in India!


What’s your favorite Jewish food?

That’s a hard one. I’m going to have to go with my top two – brisket and chicken matzah ball soup. These are my two specialties that I like to cook!


Nicole A. in Africa

What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled and why?

When I was traveling with my family in Africa, I had the opportunity to visit a school at a Maasai village in Tanzania. I absolutely fell in love with the children there and their eagerness and passion to learn. They had such a zest for life that truly touched my heart. This incredible experience really opened up my eyes and ignited this passion inside of me that I can make a difference in the world through the work that I do!






Who is your Jewish role model and WHY?

Rabbi Shu Eliovson

When I was living in Israel for the past two years, I had the pleasure of meeting a very special soul, Rabbi Shu Eliovson, who truly changed my life and taught me a whole new perspective on Judaism. Rabbi Shu sees the beauty of everything in life and is able to connect the spirituality of Judaism to all of his teachings. If you find yourself near Kfar Maimon in Israel go pay a visit to Rabbi Shu at the Golden Shore, I promise you won’t be sorry!