Young Leadership Spotlight: Matthew F.

Young Leadership Spotlight: Matthew F.

Matthew F.

How did you get involved with DC’s Jewish community?

About six years ago, I was asked by my roommate to open up our apartment to an Israeli coming to DC as part of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Reverse Mifgash program – this is a ten-day reverse Birthright Israel experience where Israeli alumni from a DC Community Birthright Israel trip come to DC to experience our Jewish culture and way of life. Of course, I was happy to provide a place to sleep for an Israeli who was coming to town. However, I wound up discovering that the program was much more than I could have imagined. I ended up getting very involved with the group of participants as well as with the community that welcomed them and showed them around the DC area on their own “Birthright” experience.

What is your favorite Chanukah tradition?

Not to be totally cliché, but it is, of course, lighting the Chanukah candles. It brings back early childhood memories of my family setting up a lot of different types of Chanukiahs and singing the prayers together each night.

Who is your Jewish role model and why?Matthew F. Happy Giving Tuesday

My Jewish role models are definitely my parents. They have instilled in me my Jewish identity and have taught me how to work hard to achieve a fulfilling life while giving back to those who need it the most.

Tell us about your role as the Young Leadership campaign chair and what you enjoy about this position.

My role as the YL campaign chair is to oversee Federation’s Annual Campaign campaign at all levels of giving and to assist Federation in engaging the young Jewish demographic interested in community building and communal giving. My role is also to get the word out to the young Jewish leaders and potential leaders about the amazing work that Federation does and the impact this work makes on Jewish and non-Jewish people in need in our community and around the globe.

What are you looking forward to most about 2016?

I am confident that 2016 will be the best year yet – both personally and with my role at Federation. I am hopeful that we can build on the great momentum that we have had with Young Leadership setting records in the amount of people involved and giving to Federation and with the overall amount we are able to raise for the 2016 campaign. I know that young leaders in our community can band together to do more good than they can possibly do on their own.

Personally, I am looking most forward to being married! My wedding is coming up and am excited to start 2016 with the next exciting chapter in my life.

Matthew F. and wife