Young Leadership Spotlight: Alisa B.

Alisa_Brem_FINAL (1)

How did you get involved with Young Leadership?

The Jewish community has always been an important part of my life and Judaism is a central part of my identity. My Jewish identity is also tied to my love of Israel. I got involved with Federation because I believe it is the best organization for contributing to my local Jewish community (and so many aspects of it) while also strengthening my connection to Israel.

What’s the Jewish food you wish you could eat everyday?

Challah! Or my Grandma’s meat balls.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled and why?

Italy. I first traveled there for a summer in high school when I was 14. Ever since that trip I have tried to go back as often and for as long as possible. The focus on family, food and Italians’ welcoming nature feels very similar to a Jewish community – but with delicious pasta, beautiful art, timeless architecture and interesting cities. I lived there for a year after law school as a Fulbright Fellow, but I think my most recent trip was my favorite because I had the opportunity to show my boyfriend around Italy and see it through his eyes!

Who is your Jewish role model and WHY?

My mom. Judaism guides her values and actions. I don’t know anyone who is more generous. She gives back in everything that she does, whether it is helping women fight breast cancer, serving low-income women, or improving Israel’s healthcare system. One might think that these lofty activities must consume all of a person’s time – but not my mom. She has an unparalleled and infinite love and devotion to her family. She also makes everything look effortless. So much of what my mom does and how she does it is rooted in her Jewish identity and values. 

What do you love most about DC’s Jewish community?

I love how welcoming it is to so many different types of Jews.  It allows you to find your community and be comfortable in whatever role Judaism plays for you. It embodies klal Yisrael.

Tell us about your role as the Impact DC co-chair? What is this event going to be like?

Impact DC is going to be amazing (everyone should come)! There have been so many successes for Impact over the last 5 years. This event will celebrate those successes while helping Impact DC grow.  We hope to attract even more people to celebrate at Impact DC and then to find meaningful ways to engage with the new and past attendees after the event. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there for the best night of the year! (Buy your ticket now at is one piece of advice you like to live by?

Look for the good in everything and everyone.  Living this way makes me a happier person and also makes life a lot more fun. I learned this lesson from my amazing Dad.