You Are Part of the Purim Miracle

By Avi West and Federation’s Department of Jewish Life and Learning

Last night marked the beginning of the holiday of Purim. This “Feast of Lots” is an important reminder that life can seem like a lottery, with ups, downs and all manner of twists – a humbling way to appreciate each moment.

This Purim, perhaps you are asking how we can continue to celebrate in light of the recent sobering events in Florida and the pattern of tragedy that lingers.

In times like these, it may help to remember that Purim is also a testament to faith and hope. With God’s name absent from text of the Scroll of Esther, it is human agency – the people who empower themselves to be strong, act upon their values and make a difference in history – that takes center stage.

In this way, you as donors, volunteers and community members are all Mordechais and Esthers. You use your time, talent and treasure to create a stronger community, and you empower others to be strong, proud and knowledgeable Jews.

Thank you for all you do. Happy Purim.

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