Young Leadership Spotlight: Dan C.

Young Leadership Spotlight: Dan C.

Mazel tov on being the new Chair of the Ben-Gurion Society! What are you hoping to accomplish in this new role?

I’m hoping to bring more young leaders into the Ben-Gurion Society by showcasing Federation’s most impactful programs, which our donations help fund locally and abroad. The Ben-Gurion Society is made up of a really impressive group of Jews under 40 and it’s my hope that we can have a stream of events that bring us together and allow the group to grow further.

What inspired you to get involved with Federation and serve as a Young Leadership Board Member?

I grew up in a “Federation Family” in Philly where I was taught early the importance of community involvement and of giving back in a meaningful way. My family made Federation a priority and it sent a powerful statement. I became active in the community because I was passionate about Israel activism. Since then, I’ve seen firsthand the benefit of being a member of a strong Jewish community.

What is your favorite Jewish food/holiday/or tradition (you pick!)?

I’m a foodie and I love cultural Jewish food, from a nicely cured lox to a peppery pastrami. The nearly burnt ends of a pastrami are my particular favorite. Spicy mustard is a must.

What do you love most about DC’s Jewish community?

It’s a community made up of Washingtonians who’ve been here for generations, like my wife Kara, and of transplants from all over the country and world. I’ve always found the community to be welcoming and eager to bring new friends into the fold.

What’s the one Federation activity you recommend DC Jews do? 

Join the Ben-Gurion Society, obviously! But aside from that, I highly recommend going on a mission through Federation. I’ve been to both Israel and Cuba with Federation and they were eye-opening trips that were incredibly meaningful.