volunteer posing with elderly woman

Vulnerable Populations

The foundation of a community lies in how it cares for its most vulnerable members. Explore how Federation and our partners are addressing the immediate and long-term needs of those who may not be able to advocate or provide for themselves.


Jewish children and families across Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union received hunger relief, medication, and other essential services.

elderly family sitting around table


elderly and vulnerable Israelis live in subsidized housing, supported by a social services network.

Yitzhak and camp counselor

Meet Yitzhak

“I met Ori through Youth Futures when he was experiencing severe anxiety during his parents’ divorce. In our three years together, Ori and I worked through his fears and anxieties. Ori is better able to cope and experience successes that will continue to build a meaningful future. Youth Futures enabled Ori to be more confident and complete.”

Baby Boomers attending employment expo


job seekers ages 50+ attended two Employment Expos last year.

volunteers and service recipients at soup kitchen


hours of community service were provided by older jobseekers through a Senior Community Service Employment Program.

elderly man looking into camera


Holocaust survivors living in Greater Washington receive monthly food stipends, financial assistance, in-home personal care and more to continue living with dignity and independence.

Meet Jack and Ed

Learn how your support enables hundreds of Holocaust survivors in our community to continue living with dignity and independence, just like Jack who receives monthly food stipends, financial assistance, and in-home personal care.

senior citizens cheering on bus


trips on the Elder Buses took seniors to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and on other errands, enabling independent living by our community’s aging population.

circle of children with hands in center


at-risk children have received mentorship from professionally trained social pioneers through Youth Futures.