Today in the News: IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL

The Greater Washington Jewish Community thanks President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for their important efforts to safeguard America’s national security interests and those of its allies in an effort to reach a nuclear deal with Iran. If a deal is announced, we look forward to learning the details and to the comprehensive public discussion which will follow during the 60-day Congressional review period. We agree with President Obama when he says that, “No deal is better than a bad deal.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington are tireless advocates for the safety and security of the people of Israel and Jews around the world. It is for this reason that we are watching carefully the discussions in Vienna.

Any final agreement with Iran must include a vigorous inspection and verification regime, clearly tie sanctions relief to Iran’s strict compliance with its obligations under the agreement, require Iran to fully explain its prior weaponization efforts, block Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons for decades to come, and ensure that Iran dismantle its nuclear infrastructure so it has no path to a nuclear weapon.

Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror and is racing towards nuclear weapons capability. Through its proxy armies, the Iranian regime is supporting terrorists who have carried out attacks on American troops and Israeli civilians. Given the Iranian regime’s history, we are concerned, but hopeful, that any announced deal will successfully eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities and will include the highest levels of verification.

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington is the public affairs and community relations arm of the Jewish community representing Jewish organizations and synagogues throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The JCRC focuses on government relations, Israel advocacy, inter-group relations, and social justice.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is a community-building organization that cares for those in need, deepens Jewish engagement and creates connections among Jews locally, in Israel and around the world.