Supporting Ongoing Needs in Ukraine

Supporting Ongoing Needs in Ukraine

Ten months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the American news cycle has shifted with other pressing situations frequently grasping our attention. What hasn’t changed, however, is the crisis facing those within or those who have fled the war-torn region. In response, Federation continues to work with our partners at JDC, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and many others as we help those in need.

This week, with deep gratitude for the millions of dollars our Jewish community members – you – collectively invested in this vital response, I write to share an update on the situation and our efforts in Ukraine.

  • Over 52,500 Jewish community members from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia have made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) with another four to five thousand continuing to move to Israel every month. This is the highest level of immigration to Israel since the 1990s and the mass exodus of Jews from the Soviet Union.
  • Russia continues to destroy Ukraine energy infrastructure to force negotiations and settlement. This threatens to be devastating for the population as winter approaches when heat and electricity are crucial for survival. The Mayor of Kyiv has warned of possible evacuations if power is lost.
  • Rising food, housing, and fuel prices have created dire financial straits and short- and long-term health concerns for elderly and other vulnerable Jews in Ukraine who are unable to leave.

Since February, Jewish Greater Washington has contributed significantly to the $78 million raised by Jewish Federations across North America to aid Ukraine’s Jewish community. This emergency aid, and our effective global response, was completely dependent on our decades-long support of the Jewish community in the region. Your contributions through our Annual Campaign made this possible and allowed Federation to immediately address the needs on the ground. Our assistance today, however, is as vital as it was when the war began. 

Donations to our Annual Campaign ensure Federation can continue caring for Jews in need in Ukraine – and around the world – in times of crisis and calm. Please donate here to support these ongoing critical needs. 

The current key priorities in include:

  • Continuing to assist and rescue Ukrainian Jews – especially those most vulnerable, who have received 290,000 meals and 354 tons of clothes and toiletries but continue to need additional help.
  • Strengthening and supporting Jewish communities and institutions in Ukraine to ensure they survive and rebuild.
  • Facilitating the Aliyah of Ukrainian and Russian Jews who want to move to Israel.
  • Aiding the absorption process for new olim (immigrants to Israel), which currently total 43,372 from Ukraine and Russia combined, by providing housing and crucial resources to ease their integration.

The response and impact of our community in Ukraine and around the world has truly been remarkable, and I am proud of our community’s commitment in this moment. With your help, we can continue to collectively address the ongoing and evolving needs of those in the midst of this crisis.

Together, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people survive a senseless war. Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do to help those in harm’s way.   

Shabbat Shalom,


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