Supporting Earthquake Survivors in Turkey & Syria

Supporting Earthquake Survivors in Turkey & Syria

In just the past few years, our community has come together to respond to a pandemic, war in Ukraine, multiple refugee crises, and needs throughout Jewish Greater Washington.

In each case, we have acted on our collective commitment and sacred responsibility to care for those in need – wherever and whomever they may be.  

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Responding swiftly to local and global emergencies is core to who we are. And so, just as our community responds to all crises, Federation – with your support – mobilized immediately to help those in Turkey and Syria. Within days, hundreds of local community members donated to Federation’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

This week’s earthquakes devastated some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Turkey is the world’s largest refugee-hosting country and home to more than three million refugees living in unstable housing, and 15.3 million Syrians still need humanitarian aid due to the protracted Syrian conflict.

To date, the earthquake has taken the lives of more than 21,000 people and injured tens of thousands more. The Jewish community in Turkey has also been hard hit. We mourn the loss of Saul Cenudioglu, president of the Antakya community, and his wife, Fortuna. The town’s synagogue was also partially destroyed. As survivors begin the long and challenging process to recover and rebuild, our community is part of a global effort to support them.

Your donations – to our emergency funds and Annual Campaign – ensure that Federation and our global partners are always positioned to provide immediate and ongoing aid to those in need. 

Together, we have already:

  • Enabled the JDC to reach four of the hardest hit areas within 36 hours of the earthquake.
  • Ensured volunteers from United Hatzalah, including doctors, paramedics, and trauma experts, could reach the region and begin saving lives.
  • Sent 10 tons of equipment and humanitarian aid to the impacted area.
  • … and more.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of The Jewish Federation as we help those who need us, wherever they are.

Shabbat Shalom,