Six Months Later: Our Resolve, Solidarity & Impact in Israel

On April 7th, it will be six months since we all woke up that Saturday morning to the horrors of Hamas’ brutal and unimaginable terrorist attack on Israel. Our Jewish world has not been the same since.

However, with your help, Jewish Greater Washington has never been more resolute in our support for Israel, drawing strength from one another, and providing critical support to those in need.

I have never been so heartbroken about what I am seeing in Israel, yet I have never been so proud of our work together. While there are many such stories, let me share just one example of how Federation’s Israel Crisis Relief Fund has made a difference:

Together, we responded to the thousands of traumatized young people who attended the Nova Festival.

Photo courtesy of Merchav Marpeh (‘Healing Space’)

  • The Need: As one member of the Merchav Marpeh (‘Healing Space’) staff said following the attacks, “even though their bodies were whole, we saw how broken they were and that their eyes were hollow, they didn’t look alive. They couldn’t look at us. They would shake, they couldn’t eat, they couldn’t drink. The evil that these people met is incomprehensible.”
  • Their story: Ido Vaknin, 24, a former Israeli commando lost his brother in the attack. He personally knew 30 people who died on October 7th. “I remember every person I saw there, and I can’t stop thinking about the ones I couldn’t help,” he said.
  • Our Partner: Through Healing Space, our efforts support an innovative program — an integrative, community-based approach that uses yoga, music, art, and nature alongside trained mental health professionals.

Like you, I feel profound grief as we prepare to mark six months since October 7th and think about the more than 100 hostages still in captivity. But what has given me strength over the last six months is seeing how committed our community has been to support those in need in Israel, and here at home.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Stay tuned as I share more of our lifesaving and life-healing work in the days leading up to April 7th.

Shabbat Shalom,

PS: On Sunday, April 7th, exactly six months following the October 7th massacre, Federation and our partners invite you to march to bring home the hostages — not to ask for their release, but to demand it. Join us on Sunday, April 7th at 2:30 PM on the National Mall to make your voice heard.

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