Security Updates & Resources for Individuals

Security Updates & Resources
  • Fed Alerts: Sign up to receive the updates, breaking news, and statements on security issues and more in our Greater Washington community.


  • SCN Updates: Sign up to receive updates from Federation security partner SCN.


  • Dealing with Tragedy: Federation partner JSSA, the Jewish Social Service Agency, is available to help people individually or through our institutions and synagogues to cope with tragic events and to promote the resiliency of our community. If you would like to inquire about counseling for yourself or your family, please contact Scott Kreeger at (301) 610-8381, or inquire through JSSA’s intake department at (301) 816-2633.




  • Ensure your congregation or organization has:
    • Registered to receive important community security updates through SCN Updates and, once implemented, sign up for SCN Alerts.
    • Applied for federal grant funding and/or funds from the Montgomery County security grant.