Security Updates & Resources for Community Organizations and Synagagues

Security Updates & Resources

While there is no new known credible threat to the Jewish community, the events in Pittsburgh and San Diego remind us to ensure we continue to keep best security practices in play. We strongly encourage the community to:

    • Convene your Security Committee or Crisis Management Team. Review and update current security program, policies, and procedures, discussing appropriate measures for your facility, organization and community. Ensure you are training and holding drills or exercises on your plans.
    • Focus on access control: monitor and control who is coming into your facility. Keep access points to a minimum, preferably single entry/egress points when practical.
    • Establish or renew contact with your local law enforcement. Ensure they are familiar with your facility, current security concerns and are aware of any services or special events.
    • Train your staff and congregation: Ensure all individuals, particularly greeters, ushers and other staff, are trained to observe & report suspicious activity and are familiar with emergency procedures (i.e. evacuations).Obtain security training for your congregation through your local law enforcement partners, and/or Robert Graves, your Regional Security Advisor. Training saves lives.
    • Report all suspicious activity, threatening messages, and observed risks to law enforcement.