Remembering Nesse Godin, z”l

Never again will our community be blessed with the presence of Nesse Godin, z”l, who passed away on March 5th.

Nesse survived the Holocaust as a child, thanks to the protection of a number of women who perished. Nesse pledged to them that she would devote her life to telling the story of the Holocaust.

Throughout her lifetime, she fulfilled her promise by relating her story of a happy childhood in Lithuania, until it was suddenly overtaken by the Nazis, her story of death marches and death camps.

She spoke tirelessly to military service academies, students at all levels, and persons of all races and served as a docent at the Holocaust Museum. She told her unforgettable story of survival to thousands with warmth, sensitivity, and fervor in a way that was remembered by all who took away an understanding of the true meaning of Never Again.

She was proud of her role in our community, which included years of dedication to Federation, where she served on the Women’s Board, the Board of Directors, and was a chair of Super Sunday. Beyond Federation, Nesse was a Board Member of the Jewish Community Relations Council, where she initiated Holocaust Remembrance Day, and was active at Congregation Har Tzeon.

Nesse served as our conscience and was the embodiment of the hope and positive spirit that emerged from the ashes of the Holocaust. She, and her late beloved husband, Jack, had three children and seven grandchildren, all deeply committed to the future of the Jewish People and devoted to carrying our Nesse’s mission.

Nesse will be missed by us all, far more than words can say. Her memory is truly a blessing.