Looking Forward Together

Looking Forward Together

June is an exciting time for Federation and the future of our community. Following a year of program analysis, strategic planning, and addressing pressing concerns, our team works closely with our Board of Directors and other communal leaders to translate our aspirations for Jewish Greater Washington into specific programs and investments for the coming year. This roadmap for our future is made possible thanks to you, our generous donors, passionate community members, and visionary leaders.

Our strategy to help move our community forward is guided by our mission and vision and driven by a few central ideas:

  • A strong community is based on vibrant and healthy local organizations providing excellent direct services within the community.
  • A culture of collaboration and trust is critical as we seek to address existing and new challenges and opportunities in a constantly changing environment.
  • Clear aspirations and objectives combined with measurable outcomes for communal impact support our efforts to move forward collectively.

This work can only happen in deep partnership between professionals, lay leaders, and donors all seeking to achieve impact within our community and around the world.

With these points in mind, I am proud to share the Federation board approved a budget and allocations plan that includes a number of new initiatives in the next year: a focus on teen and youth mental health, enhanced efforts to engage families with children ages 0-3, better understanding what motivates those in their 20s and 30s to participate in Jewish programming and deepen their ties to other members of the community, and combating antisemitism while bolstering our communal security.

This month and year-round, I am deeply grateful to our passionate and committed Board of Directors, committee members, donors, and professional team for making this vital work a reality and continuing to evolve our work to meet our community’s needs.

I encourage you to join us on Thursday, June 15th for a wonderful evening together at our 2023 Annual Meeting, as we celebrate all that our local agencies make possible, elect and install our incoming Board of Directors, and continue to move our community toward a vibrant future together.

To join us, please register today at shalomdc.org.

Shabbat Shalom