Let’s Talk About Responsibility

Between Us

There are a lot of mitzvot mentioned in this week’s Torah portion, Ki Teitzei – 72 to be exact. The range of topics is staggering: from treatment of prisoners of war to the treatment of animals; from dealing with everyone from debtors to disobedient children. The message seems to be that in order to be worthy of entering the Promised Land, the Children of Israel must be mindful of how people from all walks of life are to be treated. To further emphasize the point, we are told, “lo tuchal l’hitaleim”, which translates as, “You must not remain indifferent,” or, more literally, “You may not hide from yourself.”

Labor Day will mark the end of the traditional summer season, when many of us sought refuge from the day to day and took time to “get away”.  While we may have been able to physically remove ourselves, this week’s portion reminds us that we are still responsible for everything we see around us. We cannot hide – from God, the world around us, or from ourselves. As our summer respite concludes, we are called upon to remember that our responsibility is to be responsive – to the downtrodden, the poor and those who are not able to advocate for themselves.


Ways to Make it Yours

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