Let’s Talk About Doubling Your Impact

Five years ago, the incomparable Rabbi Jonathan Sacks wrote an interesting d’var Torah about this week’s Torah portion, Emor. He focused on the holiday of Shavuot, which we will celebrate in two weeks, and he emphasized the  “double celebration” of both the giving of the Torah AND the festival of entry into the promised land, which those of us living in the modern era are fortunately able to enjoy.

Double is twice as good. And, as the old chewing gum advertisement suggested, it gives “double the pleasure.”  In this spirit, we are pleased to announce The Double Your Impact Challenge* as a way for each of us to get even more pleasure from our gifts to The Federation’s 2015 Annual Campaign AND make an even bigger impact on our community.

Thanks to a generous donor, all NEW and INCREASED commitments received from now until June 3, 2015 to The Federation’s annual unrestricted campaign will be matched, dollar for dollar. You can double the impact you make on…

  • including children with special needs in wonderful Jewish summer camp experiences;
  • providing tens of thousands of kosher Meals on Wheels to homebound seniors during the year;
  • ensuring thousands of children in our area can attend one of six Federation-supported Jewish day schools;
  • protecting victims of domestic abuse with free clinical services including therapy and case management, and so much more.

Accept the challenge to double the difference your gift makes in our community, in Israel and all around the world.  Then, encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Please click here to donate now.


Join PJ Library® families for Challah Tots at Whole Foods Market Kentlands on Thursday, May 14.

Apply to the premier Alumni Leadership Mission to Israel for DC-area young professionals by Friday, May 15.

Celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday with community-wide festivals in MD and NoVA on Sunday, May 31.

Read about how we can create change following this week’s protests over treatment of Ethiopian Israelis.

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