Let’s Talk About Community Building

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Let’s Talk About Community Building

Steven A. Rakitt

This week’s Torah portions stand in stark contrast to last week’s story, in which we witnessed the Israelites’ greatest act of disloyalty to God by building and worshipping a Golden Calf. In the double portions Va-Yakhel / P’kudei, we read of the great devotion and loving commitment by each person (kol ish) in building the tabernacle according to God’s instructions.

The root of the verb va-yakhel is the source of the noun kehilla – community. In reading of the contributions of countless individuals in fashioning the tabernacle, we get a sense of communal vision through shared ownership. Each person brought his or her individual expertise to the project; all sharing and working toward a common goal.

Community-building –- like the building of the Mishkan –- requires individual expertise AND a shared vision. It goes both ways:  while we must each have a commitment to the values of the community, the community must always appreciate the value of each individual.

Speaking of community values and the importance of the individual, I hope you’ll be joining 8,000 of us on Sunday as we individually and collectively do a world of good during The Sara & Samuel J. Lessans Good Deeds Day at 90 projects throughout the metro area.  Online registration is closed, but walk-ins are welcome at five-different locations (JCCGW, DCJCC, Gesher Day School and The Federation). Find more information at www.gooddeedsdaygw.org


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