Introducing Jackie Subar, Federation’s Director of Young Leadership

Jackie Subar Headshot

Jackie Subar is the Director of Young Leadership at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. She believes that the Jewish people are only as strong as their community and knows that young professionals bring passion and innovation into the mix. Jackie has a history of working with young Jews on a local and international level and has a background in board leadership, Jewish advocacy, development, and community relations. When she is not taking in the DC sights or hiking the trails, Jackie teaches a Shabbat kids program in the community, makes brownies to share, and is currently training to teach ESL. She received her Masters in Public Administration from the Texas A&M University Bush School of Government and Public Service and graduated summa cum laude with her bachelors from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Q:  You are originally from Texas. What is your favorite Southern/Texan expression?

A: I really find “y’all” to be a phrase that everyone should adopt, saying “hey everyone here” or “yous guys” is just too dern complicated.

Now excuse me, I need to go “put up” my groceries…


Q: What is one of the best gifts you’ve ever received?

A: I cannot pinpoint one specific gift but I will tell you that I save almost every thank you note anyone has ever sent me — I’m old school and cherish hand-written letters or postcards — they’re just so personal.


Q: What energizes you?

A: The people around me — we all thrive in positive energy and environments 🙂


Q: Your favorite school memory (from any age).

A: This one time when I was four I kissed this boy Christian, my mom told me I couldn’t go around kissing the preacher’s son. I’m pretty sure I thought a preacher was a bird.


Q: What are the last three pictures you took on your phone?

A: One of the Dupont Underground when there was a party going on; the drink menu at Duke’s Grocery so that I can pretend to remember what I had and the Japanese side of a business card that someone gave me at a reception (I thought it was cool and sent it to my dad).


Q: What is the most unexpected way you made a friend?

A: An acquaintance in DC who barely knew me let me crash on her couch for two days when I first came to DC before I moved into my apartment. We are now best friends.


Q: Describe a time when you met a famous person.

A: On a debate trip in high school we spent a great deal of time running after Stephen Colbert in the American Museum of Natural History. I think he was more put off by the fact that there was a gaggle of 16-year-old girls chasing him.


Q: What should every person try at least once in their lifetime?

A: Mixing chocolate with your popcorn or potato chips. Life altering.


Q: What was your first job?

A: Camp counselor at Camp Chai, a day camp in Dallas. Two hundred and fifty dollars for six weeks of camp work — most money I had ever made in six weeks — easiest labor for a camp. I must have liked it, I kept coming back.


Q: Your real life super power is:

A: My ability to reach into my pocket and pull out a pun — it’s in my genes.