Israel Mission Day 2 by Rabbi Adam Raskin

Originally posted on Facebook

I need you to see this…everyone I am connected to on Facebook and beyond. Today I walked through Kfar Aza, a kibbutz less than 2 kilometers from the Gaza border that was a killing field on October 7th. One out of every ten people on the kibbutz was murdered by Hamas terrorists in that attack (62 casualties), and 19 people—from children to the elderly—were dragged into Gaza as hostages. I listened to an ambulance driver today describe the carnage, and how the terrorists tortured and desecrated the bodies of their victims. They left boobytraps in their homes even after they killed everyone inside: hand grenades in refrigerators, unexploded ordnance on countertops and shelves. Not only that, homes were obliterated, cars were scorched, and any sense of home was utterly violated. Please read the captions to each picture [in the original post] to understand the wanton and horrific invasion that happened in this community, the survivors of which may not be able to return for 3-5 years. I will never forget seeing this with my own eyes, and inside these homes, the scent of death that still hangs in the air. Grateful to bear witness to this tragedy on the Rabbinic Solidarity Mission with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.