Inclusion Self-Assessment Activities

Federation is proud to join together with Jewish organizations and communities around the world in this unified effort to raise awareness and champion the rights of people with disabilities.

Objective: Inspire an ever-changing, collaborative environment around the topic of inclusion.

How to use:

  1. Choose an area focus. Click one of the six areas of engagement and type in your organization’s unique ID number.*
  2. Assess your status. Answer the questions in each section with input from your team, assessing your organizations status at each stage of inclusion.
  3. Review your Customized Resource Package. When you complete a section, the system will generate a resource package including a list of accomplishments, as well as a customized roadmap or step-by-step schedule of recommendations tailored to your organization.
  4. Retake sections. As your organization advances, come back to the tool and retake sections as needed.

Self-Assessment Activities are designed as an interactive, fluid online resource to assist your organization in every stage and area of the inclusion journey, ranging from attitudinal changes to structural accommodations.

*Note: If multiple users within an organization use the tool, be sure to use the same unique identification number to login.

Physical Accessibility

Making the physical space welcoming and inclusive for all.


Opening up involvement and participation for all.

Worship & Ritual

We are all created in the image of God.

Volunteer & Employment

Expanding opportunities for all is good for business.


Every Jewish student deserves a meaningful Jewish education.

Social, Recreation & Leisure

Participation by the entire community.


This tool is not designed to collect data or judge progress but rather to encourage dialogue and inspire cultural change.

For more information contact Lisa Handelman at 301-230-7278 or by email [email protected]


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