In Israel, religious pluralism is like a pizza

Our Imagine Israel Podcast guest, Chaya Gilboa continues to make waves in Israel’s current Rabbinate (Jewish governance) jurisdiction over issue of  kashrut (Jewish dietary law). Gilboa founded a kosher certification system called The Hashgaha Pratit, a private supervising option that provides a more pluralistic alternative to the Rabbinate’s kashrut system, which can be costly and ethically challenging for Israeli restaurant owners. The Rabbinate’s kashrut (dietary law) supervision has created a division between religious and secular populations and a coercive, unhealthy relationship between many Mashgichim (kashrut supervisors) and business owners.

The Hashgacha Pratit was recently adopted by Tzohar, a change-making rabbinic group, making it more sustainable and acceptable across all groups in Israel. Read more about the monumental advancement on The Jerusalem Post.

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