Impact L’Atid: Greater Washington’s Jewish Teen Social Innovation Initiative

Impact L’Atid: Greater Washington’s Jewish Teen Social Innovation Initiative

(Impact L’Atid Winners: Rachael P., Becca B., Talia C., Ilana K., Daphne K., Vanessa A. and Jason K.)

Meet Becca B., Impact L’Atid’s 2016-17 Innovation Showcase winner for her project Sababa, a subscription box that can be sent to college students to keep them engaged in Judaism.

Impact L’Atid was a once in a lifetime experience that offered me access to amazing programming and outstanding facilitators. It became a space where I could voice my lofty ideas and feel heard in a way where I was given genuine feedback. The program, which is often referred to as a teen “shark tank,” is Greater Washington’s Jewish teen social innovation initiative sponsored and run by BBYO and the Federation’s United Jewish Endowment Fund. As a teen, it can be challenging to feel heard. Programs like Impact L’Atid allow us to show our true capabilities.

I can confidently say that I learned unique and interesting life skills that I would not have been able to otherwise. Impact L’Atid effortlessly ingrained tools like brainstorming, marketing to a specific demographic, problem solving, working in a team, meeting deadlines, and public speaking into each of the sessions. We had the privilege of hearing from guest speakers and learning firsthand from them through interactive and engaging programming.

The initiative allowed us to make connections that will, without a doubt, help us later in life or in the workplace. Each Gamechanger was assigned a Mentor, who worked by our side to develop the venture and helped establish community connections. As a teen, I’ve found that one of the hardest lessons to learn is patience. Throughout Impact L’Atid we took the time to think through every step and watch our idea become something real from start to finish. I was able to gain a better understanding of the steps it takes to create a business and was given the tools to turn my ideas into reality. Not to mention, I was given the opportunity to do this alongside a number of handpicked teens who were just as passionate about this program as I was, and form new friendships and strong bonds.

Impact L’Atid has prepared me with many crucial skills that I have already used in my everyday life, and was overall such a fun experience. I am lucky and thankful to have been a part of this incredible program, and would recommend it to any teen looking to benefit our community! Applications are now open and due by Sunday, October 15th.