Imagine Israel Podcast Episode #9: The Refugees and Refused in Israel

Patrick Levy was one of the first individuals in Israel to be diagnosed with HIV and soon after became an activist for policy change to improve the lives of those living with the virus. Patrick eventually worked his way up, serving for three years on the Israel AIDS Task Force. To this day, Patrick continues his life’s work to advocate on behalf of those whose voice is not heard in Israeli society.

Patrick is the Co-Founder and Director of Israel’s Alumot, an advocacy organization for individuals with disabilities. Previously, he worked for many years at Healing Across The Divide (HATD), a foundation committed to improving health for those living in underserved communities across Israel, including refugee communities. He has worked as a counselor for Human Rights and other nonprofit organizations on organizational strategy, peer education and fund raising in Israel through the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the New Israel Fund and other bodies as well as abroad through the United Nations.

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