Imagine Israel Podcast Episode #6: Israel’s New Way to “Do Jewish”

Rabbi Gottfried is co-founder and director of Beit Tefilah Israeli, a fast-growing, multi-generational community that is renewing and revitalizing the landscape of Judaism in Israel. Under the radar from the official Jewish religious establishment in Israel, and for more than a decade, a grassroots movement of Israeli Judaism is emerging, gaining supporters and slowly changing the way Israelis connect to their Jewish identity. Hear how Esteban’s approach to prayer, song and celebration has introduced an alternative outlet for spiritual expression that has become an international phenomenon. Explore the balance between sustaining religious tradition and accommodating social change with Federation’s Imagine Israel Podcast host, Robbie Gringras.


Delve even deeper into these social issues with Federation’s Imagine Israel Podcast Discussion GuideUse the guide as a reference to spark conversation and explore social issues in Israel and at home through interactive discussion and activities.

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