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Lion of Judah Learning Cohorts

January 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022

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The Learning Cohorts are currently at capacity. Should anyone be unable to participate, we will reach out to women on the wait list. (Register for the waitlist)

A four-part series from January – June 2022

From January through June 2022, the Lions of Judah will focus on creating stronger connections, furthering their understanding of the work of Federation, and developing future community builders through three intimate learning cohorts of 10 – 15 Lions. Together, Lions will deepen their understanding of one of three critical issues crucial to the Jewish community. Each topic will be covered in four sessions and facilitated by Orlee Turliz.

0903-AR2021-IsraelCollectiveConnection-350x350px PURPLE

A Deep Dive into Our Communal Connection with Israel

How do we build authentic understanding between American and Israeli women across a multiplicity of ideas?

Co-chairs: Shary Levitt, Lisie Gottdenker, and Jeanie Milbauer

Session 1: Tuesday, February 8th
Session 2: Tuesday, March 15th
Session 3: Tuesday, May 10th
Session 4: Tuesday, June 7th

0813-AR2021-ZipCodes-350x350px PURPLE

A Deep Dive into Creating a Vibrant and Inclusive Jewish Community

What does it mean to be included in community?

Co-chairs: Stephanie Schwartz and Laurie Friedman

Session 1: Wednesday, February 9th
Session 2: Wednesday, April 6th
Session 3: Wednesday, May 11th
Session 4: Wednesday, June 15th

0901-AR2021-Security Funding-1-350x350px PURPLE

A Deep Dive into Communal Security Amidst Rising Antisemitism

How do we navigate the media when understanding antisemitism?

Co-chairs: Leslie Janis, Alexis Cohen Gantsoudes, and Mindy Strelitz

Session 1: Monday, January 31st
Session 2: Monday, March 28th
Session 3: Monday, May 9th
Session 4: Monday, June 13th

All sessions are planned for 90 minutes between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
Exact times to be announced.

Overview of Sessions

Session One: Building relationships within the cohort and exploring current attitudes toward the topic.
Session Two: Content and knowledge acquisition—learning more about the topic through facts and conversation.
Session Three: Interactive and experiential element—learning more about the topic through immersion.
Session Four: What, if anything, has changed in your attitude? What new questions have you developed? What’s next for you and the cohort?

Session Goals

Session 1: Building a Community for Shared Learning

  • Goal 1: Build deep connectivity between cohort participants using the cohort’s topic as an entry point into conversation.
  • Goal 2: Introduce the group to the overall structure of the cohort and expectations.
  • Goal 3: Begin building intimacy among cohort members to support their ability to step into places of productive discomfort.
  • Goal 4: Introduce cohort topic and gauge the group’s connection to and with the topic.


Session 2: Beginning to Engage with the Topic

  • Goal 1: Introduce cohort participants to new ideas they would not otherwise engage with.
  • Goal 2: Build cohort participants confidence and competence to engage in the topic through an exploration of new ideas through facilitated conversation.
  • Goal 3: Strengthen connection and relationships between cohort members.
  • Goal 4: Knowledge building.


Session 3: Deep Dive: Continuing the Exploration

  • Goal 1: Introduce cohort participants to new ideas they would not otherwise engage with.
  • Goal 2: Experience the topic in an interactive and experiential manner.


Session 4: So, what? Now what? (Revisiting questions we discussed in session one)

  • Goal 1: Provide space for the group to ideate on how they would like to continue engaging the topic as a group and as individuals.
  • Goal 2: Strengthen connection and relationships between cohort members.


January 1, 2022
June 30, 2022


DC, MD, VA, Virtual

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