eJewish Philanthropy: As 5784 begins, Jewish communities pushed to consider greater accessibility

originally published in eJewish Philanthropy on September 15, 2023

“Which of the following best describes the areas [in your synagogue] which are accessible to members of your community with physical disabilities? 1) The entrance, outdoor spaces, social hall, classrooms, and bathrooms; 2) The above PLUS the ark, bimah, and mezuzot on all doorposts; 3) The above AND we have a pushcart for the Torah for anyone to carry it; 4) None of the above.”

This is but one question in a new interactive inclusion quiz to help individuals and organizations in the Jewish community assess their accessibility. The quiz was developed by the team at Matan, an organization that works with Jewish community leaders and educators to strengthen and improve inclusion for people with disabilities and their families. The launch is meant to dovetail with communities considering their intentions for 5784, which Matan leadership hopes will make the forthcoming year one of inclusion in Jewish spaces.