Crime Prevention Tips for Remote Working

With many of us canceling events and remotely working, now is a good time to review some simple crime prevention tips for our facilities.

  • Ensure doors and windows are secured – Check all doors and windows when you close-up your office or facility.
  • Leave some lights on – to give the impression of continued activity.
  • Close the blinds – Lower window blinds and adjust them to closed or to a 45-degree angle; mix it up throughout the facility.
  • Ensure Alarms/Intrusion Detection System are active – If you have an alarm system, test it with the monitoring service and make sure it is activated before you leave.
  • Notify your local law enforcement of the facility’s closure – Let your local police or sheriff’s station know you have temporarily closed the facility, when you expect to re-open, and if any staff will still be entering the facility in the meantime; ask them to increase frequency of patrols in the area.
  • Designate a staff member to check on the facility – One or more staff members should regularly check the facility, ensuring doors and windows remain secure, alarms are still active, and all is in order.
  • Check your security cameras remotely if possible – If you have security cameras and can check them remotely, do so regularly.

If you have Crime Prevention questions or concerns, contact your local law enforcement agency. You can also contact Regional Security Advisor Robert Graves or Deputy Regional Security Advisor Chris Usher, for assistance.