Bearing Witness: Video Reflections on my Visit to Israel

Today marks 20 days since Hamas attacked Israel, murdering 1,400 and kidnapping 228 Israelis, including babies, children, young adults, and Holocaust survivors.

As the war continues, I’ve drawn strength from how our community has come together. Collectively, you have donated more than $11 million to help those in need, and our initial grants to date now total $2.4 million. These emergency dollars and those to come will address the urgent needs facing Israel and Israelis in this moment and for the long term. Thank you for your continued generosity and support. We could not do this essential work without you.

I was humbled and honored to represent our community in Israel this past week. At every point, I witnessed the magnitude of the needs. The gaps in Israeli society are significant, and they are beyond anything I believe we are able to imagine today and are only continuing to grow. I also witnessed the incredible resilience and strength of those in Israel as they care for each other and, with our support, begin the long recovery process.

During my visit, we captured a video to share firsthand how your support is making a difference. As you’ll see, the scale of what is happening is immense. The entrepreneurship, passion, and quickness are unheard of. 

As we enter another Shabbat marked by war, I know we all pray for the safe return of our now 224 Israeli brothers and sisters who remain in captivity. May this be the last Shabbat before they come home.

May they, their loved ones, and all of us finally know a Shabbat of peace.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ways to Help Now

Support the Relief Efforts
100% of your donation to Federation’s Israel Crisis Relief Fund will provide essential support for those in need, with aid distributed swiftly through our partners on the ground.