Federation Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions

When does your campaign year begin and end? Is it different from previous years?

The Federation’s Annual Campaign runs January 1 through December 31. This differs from years past where the campaign year coincided with the fiscal year calendar which ran July 1 through June 30. This new schedule better partners our fundraising and cash collections with our allocations cycle. In addition, it eliminates confusion for donors who were sometimes confused by our fundraising cycle.

Why should I give to The Jewish Federation rather than directly to the agencies who deal directly with those in the greatest need? Will that decrease the “middle-man” costs?

Our partner agencies do wonderful work. Your donation to The Jewish Federation helps us keep our overall community strong by bringing people and resources together for widespread help, while creating a communal safety net. A gift to The Jewish Federation supports more than just one community need; it supports nearly 60 partner agencies that make programs and services possible for all who seek help or to connect. This one gift touches many lives and by joining our communal resources together, we are able to ensure that ALL of our community’s critical needs are addressed.

What are the needs of the community that Federation addresses?

At The Jewish Federation we identify, evaluate and address community needs with unparalleled commitment, passion and sensitivity. We have identified the following six themes as being the most critical areas of focus for our community: Jewish Education, Jewish Identity, Inclusion, Emergency Response, Israel & Overseas and Vulnerable Populations.

When I make a gift to The Federation’s Annual Campaign, what organizations locally and overseas do I support?

One gift to The Jewish Federation supports the programs and services provided by 43 local agencies and day schools, 12 national organizations and four overseas partners. The work of each partner directly addresses one of the community’s six critical needs. A full list of our beneficiary agencies can be found in our annual report and on our website.

Why send campaign dollars overseas when the needs are so great here?

Our Jewish values of compassion, caring and generosity are essential to The Jewish Federation’s mission of K’lal Yisrael (the worldwide Jewish community). Our support of overseas programs and services in no way impacts the large commitment we have made to ensure the vitality and growth of local programs and services offered right here in Greater Washington. However, our history as a people, reflected in The Jewish Federation’s mission today, is that we are responsible for all Jews locally, in Israel and around the world and we would not turn our back on that responsibility.

Does donating to The Jewish  Federation’s Annual Campaign help support humanitarian aid and crisis relief efforts around the world?

Yes, The Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign funds overseas partner agencies such as the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Jewish Agency For Israel (JAFI), who are often on the front lines addressing needs that arise during a humanitarian crisis. When natural disasters happen, our Federation often enhances our support of crisis relief efforts by establishing a disaster relief recovery fund (above and beyond our on-going support to agencies we already support who are on the ground) to provide immediate aid to people affected by the disaster.

Are there other ways for me to be charitable in addition to my contribution?

Absolutely. There are a number of ways to get involved and support our community through Federation. Volunteering, attending an event, or joining a committee are just a few. For more information on upcoming events and leadership opportunities log on to www.shalomdc.org or check out www.jconnect.org where you can find a list of volunteer opportunities and community events sponsored by agencies throughout the area.