A Statement On Solidarity and Justice

Over the course of many months, the Greater Washington Community Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation by The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers have been in dialogue about ways in which our region’s Black and Jewish communities can operate with greater alignment, solidarity, and allyship, building on the historic ties of these communities.

As community leaders, we recognize the interest and imperative for strengthening communal relationships generally, and more especially are committed to this pressing opportunity to address antisemitism, anti-Black racism, and bigotry more broadly. We are committed to combatting all forms of hate and extremism in our region. Recognizing the parallel missions and convictions of many of our donors and partners, we believe now is the time to deepen the understanding between our communities and our commitment to action, starting with an interfaith lens.

In February 2023, we co-hosted a small gathering for Black pastors and rabbis to break bread for mutual understanding. Our intention overtime is to expand these conversations to other sectors, faiths, and communities of color. We recognize there is a need to seed and catalyze solidarity through place-based strategies and transformational relationships between Black, Jewish, and other peoples as we engage in grantmaking and work together towards a racially just future. In addition, you can expect a specific body of work that deliberately explores this topic with institutional philanthropy, donors, and nonprofit partners.

You will hear from us about opportunities for engagement that will deepen our historical relationships to accelerate social action efforts already underway and identify new opportunities for collective action.


Sara Brenner
Executive Director, Jewish Community Foundation by The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

Ruth LaToison Ifill
President & CEO, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

Tonia Wellons
President and CEO, Greater Washington Community Foundation