A Special Lion+ Q&A with Alexis Cohen Gantsoudes, Carol Gordon, and Julie Wallick

Lion Plus. Taking pride in building community.

The Jewish population in Northern Virginia has grown expansively over the past decade, and our community is fortunate to have some incredible Lions of Judah leading in the region. Below, Lions Alexis, Carol, and Julie share their thoughts on what role NOVA Lions can play to see our Jewish community through COVID-19 and into a vibrant future.

Carol Gordon
Northern Virginia Lions are deeply committed to Jewish life and Jewish values in an area where participating in Jewish life is not necessarily easy. NOVA Lions have an opportunity to model a strong dedication to the Jewish community to the Jews in the various geographic areas throughout NOVA. In the future, as we emerge from our current crisis, we should encourage and create intimate and personal interactions to help build our community.


Alexis CohenAlexis Cohen Gantsoudes
The Jewish community in Northern Virginia is not always so visible, which makes it hard to know who needs help or who wants to connect with the Jewish community. Our congregations’ rabbis are better equipped to support some of the struggling members of our community, but there are so many we do not know. As a Lion in Northern Virginia, I see my role as one that supports the community financially and also by investing my time to meet other Jews and engage with them in strengthening Jewish community. For me, our post-COVID time will be about coming together—physically, to build community and establish a new normal.


Julie WallickJulie Wallick
I see my role as a Lion in the Northern Virginia Jewish community as “partner.” There are several groups of women that have formed organically in NOVA, and Federation and Lions have this wonderful opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn together. In so doing, we can build on authentic relationships that will develop into a supportive, caring, and connected Jewish community, with women as leaders.


This summer, join hundreds of Lions for the Lion+ Campaign by September 1— a call to elevate your philanthropy and lead our community towards a vibrant Jewish future.