A Night to Remember

Last night at Capital Chai: Federation’s 2022 Annual Meeting, I was grateful to connect with many of you. It was an honor to be together as we celebrated the unwavering dedication of our outgoing board members, installed and welcomed our FY23 Board of Directors, and celebrated our inaugural Capital Chai honorees. The evening marked our first in-person community-wide gathering since the start of the pandemic, and after years apart, our return to one another was truly energizing.

Our sense of community and our connections with one another are vital to our continued success. As this past year – and last night – reminded us, when we come together, we are capable of extraordinary things. My sincere thanks to all of you who joined us. If you missed last night’s program, I encourage you to watch the recording below.  

Of course, even as we pay tribute to the year behind us, we have already begun to write the next chapter for our community. During their final meeting, our current Board of Directors ensured that Federation’s investments for the year ahead will span the most significant and pressing needs of Jewish Greater Washington and our family around the world. Driven by a clear sense of our mission and vision for a vibrant Jewish future, Federation continues to focus on caring for individuals and families in need, investing in our communal vibrancy and security, strengthening our relationships with Israel, and more.


With you by our side, we are poised to build on our momentum from the last year and face new or evolving challenges head on. You provide our community with hope, possibility, and the ability to address our biggest challenges. You help turn our community’s vision, ideas, and aspirations into change on the ground every day, locally, in Israel, and around the world.


And so, as I shared last night – thank you. I am honored and privileged to do this important work alongside you.

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