Synagogue Educational Initiative Grants

2023-2024 Grants Process Overview

Grants Process

  • Grant Applications will be available on a rolling basis starting   until the funds are depleted.
  • Grant status will be communicated within 2-3 weeks following submitted application. Awarded grants will require a signed funding agreement to begin the payment process.
  • Grant checks will be disbursed by June 30 to schools that have complied with the grant requirements outlined on the application.
  • Following completion of the program, the Program Evaluation form is due.


To qualify for support, all community or congregation participating in a grant must meet these basic criteria:

  • Be part of a Jewish communal organization with 501(c)(3) status
  • Funds must be used to enhance your programs, not as a substitute for resources in your core operating budget or compensating time
  • The community receiving a grant must implement their own process of evaluation that references how the program met its goals and what impact it had on the learners (either faculty or students and extended family)
  • The lead professional should be prepared to share the program and evaluation with Federation’s Impact Department

Grant Types

Grants will be awarded in amounts of $500, $1,000, or $1,500 per individual school application and $2,000 or $2,500 for two or more schools. Congregations are encouraged to collaborate to form a cluster and apply together to address a shared need. Grants are competitive and will be considered based on available funds and fulfillment of stated criteria and categories.  

Eligibility Limits

Since there is no guarantee that renewal funding will be available, congregations should plan on creating funding alternatives in their core budgets for future/repeat programming. One grant will be awarded per community/congregation. Please discuss with your professional team if there are multiple possibilities for grant application.


Consideration will be given to grants that address one or both of the following: 

  • Create professional development experiences: Generate opportunities for faculty, staff, or congregational lay leadership to engage in ongoing, purposeful, and meaningful professional development.  
  • Encourage partnership and innovation: Inspire new and existing approaches for educational engagement that will foster impact and innovation in supporting individuals and families along their Jewish journeys.   

For questions about forms and submission process, contact Rabbi Sarah Tasman at [email protected].