A Brand New Way to Imagine Israel: The New and Improved Interactive Podcast

A Brand New Way to Imagine Israel: The New and Improved Interactive Podcast

Hey Washington—Imagine Israel is thrilled to announce that we are taking our Imagine Israel Podcast to the next level: by making YOU a part of it!

So far, you’ve gotten to hear amazing stories from innovative Israeli influencers across a plethora of social justice issues: Kobi Paz shared his story of LGBTQ Advocacy through TV, Chaya Gilboa talked about challenging the Rabbinate, Avner Stepak shared his mission of incorporating Israelis with disabilities in the work place, and many more.

As Imagine Israel strives to connect our Washingtonians to Israel and Israelis, we want to bring you even closer to the forefront of the conversation.

How to Send in your question

Tell us YOUR questions about Israeli society. Share YOUR inquiries about social justice in Israel. We want you to record yourself asking your question(s). Make sure to introduce yourself with your name and city. See below for some examples about the format of the question:

“Hi, my name is Rachel from Silver Spring and I would like to know more about the participation of Arabs in the IDF.”

“My name is Barry from Reston.  How does adoption work in Israel? What about for a gay couple? Are there any unique hurdles they have to face?”

“Hi, I’m Noam and I live in downtown DC. Is the kibbutz movement still alive? What does it look like today and how has it changed since its inception?”

Email Us

Once you’ve recorded your question, you can attach your recording to an email and send to [email protected]

If you would prefer not to record yourself, but still would like to ask a question, you are welcome to type your question and email it to us. Please still include your name and city.

Tweet Us

In Twitter, direct your tweet to @JFGW, and include #ImagineIsrael.

Fill out the form

Tell us what topics you want to learn about.

Then, tune in to the Imagine Israel podcast and you might hear an Israeli innovator of social change answer YOUR question!

Want to ask a question but unsure what to ask about? Here are some ideas to inspire

  • Pluralism
  • Shared Society
  • Ethiopian Community
  • Arab Community
  • Jewish-Arab Shared Society
  • Haredi participation in Israeli society
  • LGBTQ life in Israel
  • Women
  • Youth Movements
  • The Rabbinate
  • Disability Inclusion and Rights
  • Hunger and Poverty
  • Jewish Ethnic Groups
  • Environmentalism
  • Economic Development
  • Humanitarian Efforts