Emergency Response

Our enduring commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world) and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness) implores us to swiftly meet the needs of those in crisis, wherever they may be. Learn how together, we are transforming – and saving – lives around the world.


families with homes rendered unlivable by wildfires in Israel received financial support to get back on their feet.


Jewish schools in France will join an Emergency Alert Information network, linking them to France’s central Jewish security agency.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston Jewish community, Federations across North America sprang into action. See the extent of the destruction and the beginning of rebuilding in this inspiring video.


was raised for Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston, TX from 1,151 donors in Greater Washington.


Hurricane Harvey — one of the most devastating hurricanes on record in U.S. history — delivered its worst blows to Houston’s Jewish community. Nearly three-quarters of the city’s Jewish population live in areas that received extensive flooding, and nearly every Jewish-owned business and institution has felt the impact in some way. For many, this is the third time in as many years that they have had to rebuild after a hurricane.

Federation immediately set up the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to help meet urgent needs such as food, medicine, cleaning supplies, and trauma counseling, and to enable rebuilding. Our network of local and international partners means we can respond quickly and effectively to this emergency — but the work is not done. Experts say that full recovery could take many years.

Our network of local and international partners enables us to respond quickly and effectively in times of crisis. See the ways Jewish Federations around the nation have joined together to raise millions to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

Meet immediate urgent needs

In the first few days after the hurricane, displaced and affected families urgently needed temporary housing, food, and cleaning supplies.

Establish safe places for children

After flooding and released toxins rendered homes and large parts of the central JCC nearly unusable, distraught families were able to send their children to a day camp so that they could focus on recovery and rebuilding.

Help synagogue congregants

Three synagogues have catastrophic damage, and rabbis are working tirelessly to help congregants in need. Initial grants have been given to rabbis to help congregants rebuild.

Provide loans to rebuild

To help Houstonians, the Hebrew Free Loan Association will match resources from four cities to create a new Hurricane Harvey loan pool.

Offer trauma support

Families who have been flooded out of their homes two or three times in less than three years are able to receive telephone-based counseling sessions and schedule in-person appointments with trauma and family-resilience specialists.

Federation’s Hurricane Relief Fund continues to support victims of the many hurricanes of 2017. One hundred percent of your gift will help those devastated by these natural disasters.

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