Young Leadership Spotlight: Evan W.

Young Leadership Spotlight: Evan W.

How did you get involved with the DC Jewish community?

I went to Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (JDS) growing up, and was really active in BBYO. One of my earliest memories with The Federation was being at Super Sunday with my family and the rest of the DC community; I must have been in middle school. Coming back to the DC area after undergrad and a year abroad, I was lucky enough to be on the Reverse Mifgash steering committee, which brought a dozen Israeli’s to DC for 10 days so they could see Jewish-American life and culture firsthand.


What’s your favorite memory from the DC Community Birthright-Israel trip you went on last summer?

Tough question, but I have to go with the food. It didn’t matter if it was lunch or dinner, you can never go wrong with falafel or shawarma. I don’t know what they do over there, but it’s just not the same here in America.


What are you most looking forward to about your year ahead in DC?

Just connecting with everybody. I specifically chose to go on a DC Community Birthright trip so I could bring my experiences in Israel back to this city. In DC, there are a lot of great organizations to become involved with, and a lot of events, like Impact DC, happy hours, speakers, barbecues or networking events to go to.


Why do you love the DC Jewish community?

It’s a great mix of people. You have a lot of people who are from the area, but you also have a lot of people who come to DC for school or politics and end up staying. You end up meeting a lot of really interesting people who have great life stories. It’s an active community, and everyone is looking for ways to get involved.


 Share one piece of advice you like to live by:

Don’t take life too seriously; you’ll never get out alive.


Who is your Jewish role model?

I have a few. Golda Meir, Sandy Koufax, my own mother and late 90’s/early 2000’s Adam Sandler.


What is your favorite BBQ food or activity?

Cold beers and camel riding, just maybe not at the same time. Speaking about food, beers and camels, everyone should be going to the Israel@67 Blue & White BBQ in a few weeks! But seriously…..get your tickets before it sells out at