Young Leadership Spotlight: Ben N.


What inspires you to be involved with and give to Federation?

I believe in the work Federation does, and its mission. Federation, to me, is like The United Way of Judaism, where I know my time and donations will be responsibly managed and effectively utilized. I have chosen to increase my involvement so that I can play a larger role in crafting individual initiatives and strategy for the coming years.

We heard you went on a Federation mission to Cuba earlier this year – how was it?!

It was a very rewarding experience. We had the opportunity to see the great work Federation and its partners do abroad, and see the tangible benefits provided to Jews around the world who struggle to maintain an observant community. Additionally, it was a well-designed opportunity to get to know other young Jewish leaders in the regional community.


Tell us about your role as YL co-chair?

I hope to be able to pick up the baton from Emily Benovitz, who has done a stellar job with Ben Milakaofsky over the past year. I look forward to continuing on the success they have built, and to continue building the base of support for our programs while maintaining the programming which has attracted so many in recent years.

What are your favorite summertime activities?

I enjoy spending time with my family, often doing outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. I also spend a fair amount of time on the grill, as my family seems to like my secret burger recipe.

What is your favorite Jewish food?

My mother’s brisket.