Will you join me on Tuesday?

Will you join me on Tuesday?


The Jewish community has united at critical moments throughout history to demand action from national leaders. As we mark one month since Hamas’s attacks on Israel and the ripple effects of the resulting war both locally and abroad, we must urgently unite again.

I hope you’ll join me, Federation, our partners, and Jewish communities and allies from across the country on the National Mall on Tuesday, November 14th at 1:00 PM for the National March for Israel. We will come together in solidarity with Israel and against terror, call for the release of Israeli hostages, and speak out against rising antisemitism. Together, we will reach our Israeli family in a way nothing else can. They need to see and hear us — people of all backgrounds and beliefs — as we show up for them.

The National Mall, the very center of democracy and freedom, provides a fitting backdrop as we demand the return of every hostage, Israel’s right to remain free from violence, and the right of Jewish communities in North America and around the world to live free from hate.

Demonstrating our unity in this iconic space is a powerful testament to our shared values, our aspirations for both America and Israel, and our unwavering commitment to vibrant Jewish life.

I encourage you to join Federation and people from across the country to amplify the voices of freedom, drown out those who seek to harm us, and be there for each other in our collective moment of need.

Thank you for continuing to live proud Jewish lives, support Israel and Israelis, and show compassion for one another and our community. I look forward to seeing and marching with you on Tuesday.

Gil Preuss
CEO, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington