Standing with Israel as a Jewish Community

Over the past week, Israel has faced three separate terror attacks in one of the deadliest waves of terror since the second intifada. Heartbroken by the senseless loss of eleven lives, we write jointly this week on behalf of The Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington to condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms.

We stand with Israel, pray for the speedy recovery of the injured, and extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ loved ones.

These attacks come at a time when Israel is forging closer relationships with neighboring Arab countries, as it works to create a more peaceful and prosperous future in the region. It was not by coincidence that these latest attacks coincided with the historic meeting in Israel with the foreign ministers from Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, as well as visits by the Israeli President to Turkey and Jordan. And yet, this unprecedented moment for Middle Eastern relations underscores that the forces of extremism and violence will never silence the forces of reconciliation and peace.

Unfortunately, terrorism often erupts at a time of positive developments toward reconciliation, peace, and diplomatic achievements. We praise the security forces of Israel and the bravery and resilience of its citizens. Israel must confront terrorism with all its might while simultaneously pursuing peace with its neighbors and a future two-state solution with the Palestinian people.

May the memories of Laura Yitzchak, Moshe Kravitzky, Doris Yahbas, Menachem Menuchin Yechezkel, Yazan Falah, Shirel Abukarat, Amir Khoury, Ya’akov Shalom, Rabbi Avishai Yehezkel, Victor Sorokopot, and Dimitri Mitrik be for a blessing.

This Shabbat and always, we offer our fervent prayers for peace.
Gil Preuss and Ron Halber

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