Reducing Risk

As we readjusted to daylight saving time this week, I found myself wondering why we sustain practices even after they no longer make sense. Countless people and organizations continue specific behaviors and practices decades after the original rationale for that behavior disappeared. We know, however, that some of our most productive growth depends on change and continuing to challenge ourselves, even and perhaps especially with deeply rooted beliefs and practices.

Support for innovation and change are vital elements of Federation’s work. A static community resistant to change cannot remain relevant; flexibility ensures the capacity for effective responses to evolving needs. At the core, individual leaders and organizations must have the capacity to safely experiment with new ideas, projects, and investments; innovating to ensure critical growth and resilience over time.

As we focus on the shifts taking place in our world and community, Federation is proud to help support innovation, growth, and crucial changes throughout our region in many ways.

Financially, critical unrestricted funds provided by Federation enable our partner organizations to focus on their essential work, from relationship building to human services to fostering Jewish learning and identity. Other efforts support local organizations in their experimentation, even while reducing risk. By convening lay and professional leaders across the community, we also seek to support the sharing of new ideas, thus creating a platform for learning and adaptation.

And with support for leadership development—most recently through our partnership with the Metro DC chapter of the International Coaches Federation and our Community Leadership Program—we are supporting our local leaders and organizations to move Jewish Greater Washington forward.

We do this because no leader or organization operates in a vacuum. To help our ecosystem grow, thrive, and stay resilient, we must navigate critical challenges and opportunities together. The strength of each part of our community is directly tied to the strength of the other parts.

That’s among the many reasons Federation’s commitment to innovation and collaboration began long before the pandemic, and why your leadership within specific organizations and across the community is so vital. Thank you for everything you do every day to build a strong community.

Thanks also to those who continue to write in each week with your questions and comments. As always, I welcome your thoughts.

Shabbat Shalom,

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