Our Mission

Including individuals with disabilities strengthens our collective community. As a community convener, The Jewish Federation facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between employers and potential employees. We are building a fully-integrated employment environment where everyone is a contributing member of society.

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Download Federation’s Inclusion in the Workplace brochure.


Higher Productivity: Employees with disabilities typically meet or exceed expectations while exhibiting high employer loyalty and low turnover rate.

Expanded Talent Pool: Individuals with disabilities are an underused pool of talented, skilled and qualified applicants.

Positive Public Relations and Increased Market Share: Inclusive hiring has a positive impact on a company’s image and can influence purchasing decisions by consumers (or customers).

Diversity and Morale: Employees report a higher degree of workplace satisfaction when working in integrated teams. Inclusive businesses reap the benefits of greater customer and employee satisfaction.

See the Stats on Inclusive Hiring

Top Benefits for Businesses

Most employers report no cost or low cost for accommodating employees with disabilities.

Statistics used in these graphs were provided by Sunflower Bakery, Best Buddies and the Job Accommodation Network.

Start the Conversation

Take the first steps

  • Meet with an employment specialist to discuss how to best address your specific employment needs
  • Connect with other local business leaders who are successfully employing individuals with disabilities

Give it a try

  • Provide a practice interview site for individuals with disabilities
  • Partner with JSSA’s Specialized Employment Services or Makom’s MOST program to provide a fully-supported, unpaid internship
  • Create a plan to find the right employee for your business
  • Bakeries, caterers, supermarkets, restaurants and others can partner with Sunflower Bakery to hire trained graduates

For more information or questions, please email [email protected].